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    Financial planning, portfolio management, investment strategies, estate planning, business succession, and insurance...

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    Custom plans, tax-saving strategies tailored to you, one-on-one service and experienced tax return preparation and advice...

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Tartan PCFO

    Advisory service combining asset management with in-depth planning and continual, cohesive financial stewardship...

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Why join the Tartan family?

Our Personal Approach. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach to financial planning: We build a relationship with you and your family before offering any advice about your future. In our opinion, that’s the only way to plan wisely. We listen attentively to your personal circumstances and values before planning financial management that is totally unique to you.

Comprehensive, Flexible Options. From setting goals and creating a budget, to choosing retirement options and helping to grow wealth, our advisors are your comprehensive financial planning department. No matter how complicated or basic your financial needs, our advisors will deliver transparent and straightforward advice to help you to determine the most appropriate engagement for your unique situation.

Professional Guidance. Finding solutions for your personal goals and keeping up with the ever-changing economic and tax environments requires consistent interaction and communication. Our services are an established process that our advisors have refined over more than fifty years’ combined experience. Let our professionals help you organize your financial life, develop a personal finance plan, and guide you in making decisions that help protect your future.

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