Tax Module

We work with you throughout the year to develop a customized plan with tax-saving strategies that are tailored to your unique situation. Tartan's personal, one-on-one service and experienced tax return preparation and advice will help ease your mind, knowing that your tax return is in capable hands. Our advisors stay on top of changing tax laws and examine all of the tax-saving opportunities available to you.

It is our firm conviction that the tax element of investment management is vital to a comprehensive financial profile. The aim is to balance the tax impacts of your portfolio with investment strategies designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Prior to executing a transaction on your behalf, we analyze the prospective tax footprint. If the transaction could pose a material consequence, we consult with you to ensure you understand the tax implications. This is key to helping you steer clear of penalties or other surprises.

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Tax or legal advice is not offered through, nor supervised by Lincoln Investment or Beacon Financial Advisory, LLC.